How To Find Photography Models

Photography has changed the way people document their lives and their environment. In this modern age where the average smart phone comes with a great camera, how can you, a photographer sell yourself? How do you show people you are good enough to hire? How will the bride-to-be know she wants you to photograph her special day? Or better yet, how will anyone know what you can do? The answer is pretty simple – you need a photography portfolio.

To make one, you need models. Hearing of models, perhaps the thought of coughing up over $500 comes to mind and brings a frown to your face. Well, do not fret as here are tips on how to get your models the way we like our air, free.

Friends and Family

Don’t knock it till you try it, family and friends are the people who will support and love you. You may not have a young mum’ who looks like Kim K but don’t worry about that! Scenes you can try and capture are those with emotion or heartwarming scenes that will make whoever sees the picture become overwhelmed with emotion and immediately envision themselves in the picture.Friends are also quick to offer help; they usually don’t mind posing for a few pictures to help you out. The best part is that friends will help you for free.


Facebook Groups

Were you on Facebook scrolling through the top agencies’ group page? Looking for the Victoria Secrets Model’s agency? Well that is not the group we meant. This method involves a bit of give and take, you offer the pictures to models starting out (they need the pictures to show recruiters).

You can easily search for groups packed full of newbies and talk to your model of choice. You will be amazed by how many models will offer to model free for you with the promise of a few pictures in exchange for their time.


Instagram – Let The Slay Wars Begin!


“Oh my gosh Tif, I just saw Amber Rose on her page and she looked so fab! I wish I could have pictures like that!” Yes Instagram gives you access to the infamous Instagram model’’.  These days, it is all about who can slay the hardest on social media and who can take the best photographs, so you as a photographer have goods in demand. Simply offering a free shoot to women will have your phone ringing off the hook- eh- charger.

Asking For Volunteers From The Public

If you are relatively young, you can visit a Uni and ask if you can photograph people for art, be honest and let them know what it will be used for. Another good location to get volunteers is the park, lots of opportunity and people.



  • Be friendly and open.
  • Accept rejection and move on while keeping good attitude.
  • Provide your ID card for people when asked.
  • Approach people above the age of 18.
  • Offer to send the pictures after the shoot.
  • Stop if the model’ feels uncomfortable.



  • Approach children.
  • Try to take the stranger to any isolated location.
  • Use the picture outside what has been discussed.


We hope these few tips will make compiling your
photography portfolio easier. Feel free to let us know if any of these tips
above helped you or give us tips of your own.