How To Find Photography Models

Photography has changed the way people document their lives and their environment. In this modern age where the average smart phone comes with a great camera, how can you, a photographer sell yourself? How do you show people you are good enough to hire? How will the bride-to-be know she wants you to photograph her

How to photograph the perfect sunset

Ever wondered how to photograph the perfect sunset? The warmth, robust color and gleam of the setting sun are absolutely breathtaking. Well, anyone can capture the amazing shapes and dramatic light that sunsets produce. Here are some amazing tips on how to capture a stunning sunset photo this tips can help you the best amazing

Photography Tips For Good Looking Portraits

To start with, it is imperative to comprehend the distinctive sorts of Portrait Photography which you can take. There are three essential sorts of portraits. They are 1) close-ups or headshots, 2) head and shoulder shots and 3) natural shots. A natural shot is a kind of portrait where the picture taker concentrates regarding the

Why you should do a photography course

The rise of smart phones and the advanced cameras embedded on them has affected the photography a great deal both on the negative and the positive. On one hand, the need for professional photographers in some areas has declined with most people using their mobile phones to capture special moments while on the other hand