operation fitness…

Whoah! What’s going on here is what I’m sure you’re asking when you read the title of my blog. This has nothing to do with my photography, but it’s got everything to do with me personally.

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I am by no means an expert when it comes to nutrition, exercise and dieting but ever since I picked up the camera and started shooting professionally 3 years ago, I have pretty much abandoned my routine fitness schedule altogether. I kept on making excuses for myself and like everyone else, continued to pay my monthly fee at the gym that I would visit once a month if I’m lucky. After my move to the beautiful city of Chicago 4 weeks ago, one of my many goals was to get back into fitness and stop making excuses. It’s true that I am petite (joke was, I weigh 100 lbs. soaking wet, true to a certain extent) and people would ask me why I need to work out when I seem to be in a great shape. Seeming to be in great shape and feeling like I’m in a great shape are two different things. After joining pinterest and seeing so many motivational quotes, I am motivated to get back into shape. This is a very personal project for myself: Operation Fitness.

It’s about me trying to find that balance between my personal life, professional life (as a full time teacher and a part time photographer) and everything else life-related. It’s meant to encourage me to focus on what matters most to me. So far I’ve been working out 3 times a week (30 minutes on the treadmill or  stair climber (ugh, how boring I know!), 10-15 minutes with free weights and abdominal workout). It comes to about 45 minutes of me spending time to focus on just me!  Here are some photos of my progress the past 2 weeks.

Wish me luck and I will try to post every two weeks to not over expose my bare belly to the world!

Eric-West Aurora High School Senior Portrait-Chicago, IL

This was probably one of the funnest senior portrait sessions I did with my clients. This is Eric and I think he is amazingly sweet, smart and very down to earth. After college I asked him where he would like to live. He said somewhere out in the country with a huge piece of land far away from everything and enjoying life in quietness and solitude. For being such an athlete (he plays volleyball and football), he definitely has a keen sense of style when it comes to clothes. I had a lot of fun trying to coordinate his outfits with him. Thanks again Eric for choosing me as your photographer and for being such a photogenic subject:) Good luck in all that you do!

Koi-Chinese-Thai-Sushi Reveal party-evanston, il

I had the honor of covering Koi‘s reveal party last Thursday up in Evanston, IL. The food and atmosphere was amazing! Guests were honored with a complimentary endless array of authentic fine Chinese cuisine and to-die for sushi! not to mention the company of the gracious hostess and host, Mr. and Mrs. Bing Chen (the proud owners of Chens in Chicago and Koi) as well as the lovely sound of a live harp. It was a feast of delicious food topped with scrumptious mix beverages in a very classy and richly decorated atmosphere. Congratulations again Sandy and Bing for being so successful in doing what you both love doing. I wish you both much success in all that you do.

megan’s prom-aurora christian high school

I know I am going backwards with my blog. I realize that I cannot blog all of my sessions due to the lack of time, but I just have to post this session from last spring’s prom. They are such a cute couple and it made me wish that I can go to prom as an adult:) For my latest sessions, please visit my Facebook Page!

what to wear for a fall photo shoot

I know I should be blogging all the weddings and senior portraits that I am behind on, but those will come later when I have more breathing room. In the mean time,while trying to help my sisters figuring out how to dress their children for their family portrait session that I am taking for them (the joy of having a sister as a photographer!), a thought popped into my head. My little sister thought they should all wear white and khakis. I thought, okay, do you normally  wear things like that together? No she said. So I said,”just coordinate your styles so they match. Everyone wearing the same colors will look unnatural!” I am a JCrew, GAP and Anthropologie girl at heart but when I am feeling adventurous, I go to Zara and H&M for something fun and trendy. Here are some snapshots of JCrew and GAP ads I found online. In the end, it’s all about comfort of course, but I hope this will guide my clients and future clients in some way when it comes to coordinating their outfits.

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